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We have been designing and producing metal rubber supports since over 50 years using high quality raw materials coming from Italian suppliers.
Thanks to high flexibility and productivity we are in position to satisfy needs of any kind of customers at competitive costs. Our production is distinguished by huge verticalization and in house manufacturing including design and production of tooling’s together with machining of metal components for our parts. So we can provide prototypes, small and high volumes quickly at very high quality standards. We also have an internal laboratory for static and dynamic tests to keep our quality under steady control. Only a few production steps are not carried out inside the company (i.e. zinc plating) but just certified subcontractors can cooperate, as to grant constant and high quality products. So 100% made in Italy.
Our antivibration mount catalogue include vulcanized and pressed bushes, machine feet and mariner, conical bearings, spherical bushes and various metal rubber dampers. Typical fields of application are motors also in marine field, cabs, axles, generators and UPS, ventilators, compressors, earthmoving machines, tractors and agriculture machines, off-road vehicles, cooling systems, heat exchangers, hoods, pistenbullies and much other.
Patrini Giacomo products are always a reliable choice to make the job of our customers easier.


  1. 23/01/2015
    2015: 50 year activity. Patrini Giacomo has celebrated this important goal by printing a new catalogue.
  2. 04/11/2014
    We are now certified according to ISO 14.001:2004 for environment
  3. 09/04/2014
    We have enlarged the TW family by including the new T64W: more compact but efficient like the other bigger parts.
  4. 30/01/2014
    TAB: because of the special rubber compound and thanks to the special design this family of parts guarantees effective isolation and vibration control at the same time.
  5. 01/10/2013
    We now have also MPG line available: ideal to absorb high dynamic shock loads. The specific design helps to limit movements in all axes and guarantees the requested safety.